4 Reasons to get a smart energy meter

4 Reasons to Install Energy Meter for your Small Business

Every small business owner understands the importance of conserving the amount of energy their business uses. Aside from the environmental benefits that come with efficient energy use, businesses can save a lot of money through understanding their power consumption. A good business, will set up a variety of essentials such as implementing a responsive customer service, building a high-quality website, employing a strong team as well as preparing an exit strategy. The importance of energy suggests that installing a smart meter should also be an essential part of your business.
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What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is either a gas or electricity meter that records your power usage while also acting as a two-way communication system between you and power provider. These new meters are, obviously smarter than the current meters as they have a range of sophisticated features and abilities. These features provide benefits to both the supplier and consumer which include:

  • The ability for both the customer and supplier to read accurate and real time usage date.
  • Provides accurate billing where customers are charged only for the energy they use, rather than receiving estimated and inaccurate bills.
  • Provides a way for customers to read their usage data and find ways to save on costs.
  • Customers can sell any energy they generate back to the grid.

Smart meters collect accurate readings on your businesses energy usage in close-to real time. This data can be read by the user, but is also sent via wireless technology to the energy supplier.

If you’re business is eligible, you can organize implementing a smart meter by getting in contact with your service provider.

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So, why should you install a smart meter for your small business?

  1. Get more Insights:

With the ability to read accurate, real time data, you should be able to better analyse when and what parts of your business are using the most electricity. Obviously, during normal business hours, power is a must and there isn’t a lot you can do to reduce your consumption other than the traditional methods. However, in a recent survey, it was suggested that businesses are spending up to 50% of their electricity bills on power during times their business was closed.

Understanding when and why you use electricity is the first step to reducing your costs. Aim to eliminate unnecessary usage.

  1. Accurate bills

Estimated bills are notorious for being inaccurate, which generally means your business is paying for energy you’re not using. Installing a smart meter will ensure your bills are accurate, meaning you will only pay for the power you are using.

  1. It can give you a competitive edge

Depending on where your small business is, the smart meter roll out is likely to have already begun, potentially some years ago. However, if you manage to get in early, you will be ahead of the competition by saving on energy costs, and being a more “green” business.

In the era of Corporate Social Responsibility, being environmentally conscious is important. Implementing a smart meter will help curb your businesses greenhouse gas emissions, which will undoubtedly help you adhere to Corporate Social Responsibilities.

  1. Convenience

If you and your supplier are eligible to have a smart meter installed, the process is as simple as organizng a time with your supplier. Once installed, you no longer have to deal with older, traditional meter readings. You will be able to get easy to understand information from your meter, and your bills will be accurate. This allows you to be in more control of your energy usage, and you only pay for the energy you use.

Removing the need for estimated bills means you no longer have to check if you are being overcharged, which in turn means you no longer have to organize a refund if you are over charged.

Installing a smart meter is an easy process. Your small business can benefit in a variety of ways from doing so. Ultimately, a smart meter means you can better understand your energy usage, receive more accurate bills and no longer have to deal with traditional readings.

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