Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Arduino

Pros and Cons of Using Arduino

In last years’ the use of Arduino increases exponentially due to its readability and easiness. But the point to think is whether the use of Arduino is in favor of engineers or not. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using Arduino.

First of all, we will look upon the advantages of Arduino and later we will discuss the disadvantages.

Yes there might be some disadvantages of Mighty Arduino as well.

Let’s starts with advantages.


1- Ready to Use:

The biggest advantage of Arduino is its ready to use structure. As Arduino comes in a complete package form which includes the 5V regulator, a burner, an oscillator, a micro-controller, serial communication interface, LED and headers for the connections. You don’t have to think about programmer connections for programming or any other interface. Just plug it into USB port of your computer and that’s it. Your revolutionary idea is going to change the world after just few words of coding.

2- Examples of codes:

Another big advantage of Arduino is its library of examples present inside the software of Arduino. I’ll explain this advantage using an example ofvoltage measurement. For example if you want to measure voltage using ATmega8 micro-controller and want to display the output on computer screen then you have to go through the whole process.  The process will start from learning the ADC’s of micro-controller for measurement, went through the learning of serial communication for display and will end at USB – Serial converters. If you want to check this whole process click on the link below.

DC voltage measurement using Atmel AVR micro-controller.

On the other hand, if you want to measure the voltage using Arduino. Just plug in your Arduino and open the ReadAnalogVoltage example as shown in the figure 1.

Example in Arduino IDE
Figure 1: Arduino IDE

The project is ready after putting some reasonable resistors and zener diode. You can easily see the voltage on the Serial terminal of Arduino.

3- Effortless functions:

During coding of Arduino, you will notice some functions which make the life so easy. Another advantage of Arduino is its automatic unit conversion capability. You can say that during debugging you don’t have to worry about the units conversions. Just use your all force on the main parts of your projects. You don’t have to worry about side problems.

4- Large community:

There are many forums present on the internet in which people are talking about the Arduino. Engineers, hobbyists and professionals are making their projects through Arduino. You can easily find help about everything. Moreover the Arduino website itself explains each and every functions of Arduino.

So, We should conclude the advantage of Arduino by saying that during working on different projects you just have to worry about your innovative idea. The remaining will handle by Arduino itself.

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1- Structure:

Yes, the structure of Arduino is its disadvantage as well. During building a project you have to make its size as small as possible. But with the big structures ofArduino we have to stick with big sized PCB’s. If you are working on a small micro-controller like ATmega8 you can easily make your PCB as small as possible.

2- Cost:

The most important factor which you cannot deny is cost. This is the problem which every hobbyist, Engineer or Professional has to face. Now, we must consider that the Arduino is cost effective or not.

Some years’ ago I was working on a project in which I had to build three smart energy meters. Now, for three smart energy meters present at some distance connected with different loads must have their own processors. So, I estimated my expenditures with and without the Arduino which you can see in the block diagram present below.

Note: I took cost of all products from Amazon with shipping charges. There may be some difference of cost in your area.

Cost Comparision of Arduino and ATmega
Figure 2: Cost Comparison of Arduino and ATmega


The thing must be noted that I multiplied Atmel Programmer with 1 because we don’t need many programmers for all the micro- controllers. Only one programmer is enough. The difference between the costs is mainly due to this programmer reason. Still if you need one package then the cost difference will be as less as nearly $5 and it will rise when you have to use many packages.

3- Easy to use:

In my opinion, if you started your journey of micro-controllers with Arduino then it will be very difficult for you to make the complex intelligent circuitries in future. The easy to use hardware/software of Arduino unable a person to learn the basics of many things likes Serial communication, ADC, I2C etc.

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Summary: If you are such hobbyists who just want to make some innovative projects for fun and don’t want to go further behind that then the Arduino is your best option. But if you want to go deep in the depth of these things then you must do work on other micro-controllers first and after that for the sake of saving time use Arduino.

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14 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Arduino”

  1. Key benefits of using the arduino starter kit


    The Arduino Starter Kit is cheaper than other microcontroller platforms. If your budget is relatively small, you should consider purchasing an Arduino module that can be assembled by hand.


    Another advantage of the Arduino Starter Kit is that they are compatible with different interfaces. They can run on Linux, Macintosh OSX or Windows operating systems. This is an advantage because most microcontroller systems can only be used with Windows.

    Simple, clear programming environment

    If you are looking for a microcontroller system for novice programmers, the Arduino Starter Kit is your best choice. It is user friendly but flexible enough for advanced programmers. Teachers will be pleased to know that the Arduino Starter Kit is based on a processing programming environment that makes programming teaching easy.

    Open source and extensible software

    Another admirable feature of the Arduino Starter Kit is that its software is released as an open source tool. This means that more advanced programmers can extend it through the C++ library. And, if you want to learn more complex details, you can switch from Arduino to the AVR C programming language, which is the main underlying technology for this starter kit. Alternatively, you can incorporate the AVR-C code directly into the Arduino software.

    Open source and extensible hardware

    The Arduino platform is based on two major microcontroller systems. These are Atmel’s ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA168. Fortunately, the plans for these two modules have been released under a public copyright called the Creative Commons License. This allows skilled circuit designers to freely create their own version of the module in order to extend or improve them.

  2. friends, i heard that aurdino goes to deep sleep mode if used continuously for 2-3 days. Is that true. It needs to manually resetted . Is it true.

  3. Hi I friends.i an a law graduate but am working in some research activities with my husband. I want to make one project in which I need 2 inputs analog and two analog op. I don’t know which aurdino to buy . I don’t know programming at all and the main thing is that I have time bounding. I want to execute my idea in 2-3 days. Can any one help me. I will pay for help in programming. My mail is pl mail me if you can help.

  4. I would beg to differ, as a hobbyist if i had to deal with all , i would have ran far away, getting to know how a register work was not my priority , now after I have dealt with basics, i am moving (or dreaming) for working with stm32f103 and for that Im learning avr baremetal programming.

  5. who needs that in today’s world buddy everyone looks for comfort and handy. Everything done by machine in today’s generation. Arduino is costly, at same point of time due to it’s simplicity many hackers use this same platform everywhere….why you think like that it’s upgraded same as everything dude.

    1. Without these basic functions one cannot excel in micro-controllers world. I don’t know what kind of hackers use them and what kind of things they hack from this platform. But if some person does not know about the basic registers of Atmel AVR micro-controllers and still he is able to do “good stuff” with Arduino then he is restricting himself to do just “good stuff” instead of doing awesome things.

  6. As u said buddy Arduino would be handy in simple circuits but it’s really don’t judge it very soon..i used to hack the telecommunication and many platforms using Arduino uno and mega. it’s not simply for only hobby and simple circuits. if u say like that that’s your mistake go and see how Arduino is providing various open platforms. I just don’t want to assemble a PCB which create lot’s of’s best that this board could be used to play in numerous advantages.

    1. Yes you are right. One can do anything with it because its a complete package. But imagine a person who just introduced with the world of Micro-controllers and he directly started to use handy functions of Arduino like loops, serial print, millis etc. Don’t you think that it will be difficult for that person to understand the basics of UART or Timer Functions in future?

  7. You’re not really talking about the massive downside that is the Arduino Libraries & Language, both are extremely sub-par and there is too much unintended behavior. Look at Arduino strings, delay() and the serial library.

    1. No, the things that you are talking about are basically user friendly components of Arduino. I already mentioned in the article that if you have to do really complex programming than you need to go back and learn basics first. But for the debugging of small and simple circuits, Arduino is really handy.

  8. In ac measurement using atmega without transformer, we took output of zener and load it on adc, but i have to connect ground of atmega with ac supply as well , it may destroy my circuit, and thats is why we used pulse transformers in conneting low voltage circuit with high voltage circuit , like trigging scr,

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