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Arduino Education Kit For Young Students Aids Technology

Arduino is an open source software that is being used to program boe-bot and various other types of robots. The Arduino boards can read inputs sent from sensors, pressing a button, a social media message and can activate a motor, turning on a LED light. Arduino has been involved in many experiments and projects since a few decades. This article is about Arduino Education kit which can be used by any person with or without having basic know-how about microcontrollers.

Components in an Arduino Education Kit:

The common components available are
1.         Genuino/Uno programmable microcontroller board
2.         Arduino Education Shield
3.         Sensors
4.         Actuators
5.         ICs
6.         Connectors
7.         Jumper Wires
8.         USB Cables
9.         Servo Motors
10.        Power Modules
11.        Batteries
Apart from these several kits are equipped with many other components that can provide an enjoyable learning experience as seen in the examples below.

Arduino for Kids

Arduino has recently come up with an learning tool for young students and beginners so they can have a good grasp of the software. Several of these kits do include the built -in robots that uses Arduino .Arduino programming is used to program it after assembling the components..

List of Arduino Education Kits:

Here are a few kits young programmers as well as those who are still at the novice stage with Arduino programming can use.

Arduino Educaiton Kit for beginners
Arduino Educaiton Kit

1.  Makeblock Educational Starter Robot Build Kit

This packing is for the beginners as well the novice to learn about Arduino programming that includes a tank that is controlled by the Arduino programmed controller, mBlock is the Arduino programming editor under the Scratch programming environment.

Everything required to build the robot is being fused within this environment. As everything is being already built in, so not heavy work such as soldering is being required to set it up.

Also it has a Bluetooth version that can be controlled using the smartphone by turning on the Bluetooth of the Arduino kit and also the one in the smartphone. It is exceptional than rest of the kits available due to its ease of use.

2.  Arduino Starter Kit

This has a project book along with the equipment’s that guides its users on several easy to do projects. Projects include motorized pinwheel, playing musical instruments hands -free and many more.

3.  Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit

This is much more advanced than the beginner’s kit with more instruments and teaches its users more about Arduino programming. It is a learning tool for young students. The project book that comes along with this set has a list of codes for various functions to perform as well comments along with line of the code.

4.  Makeblock mbot Educational Robot Kit for Kids

This is being controlled using Bluetooth and a mobile device programmed using mBot ‘s scratch based software for Arduino. This is easy to use and also a robot that the kids or children would have fun building. All the screwdrivers are being provided in place in the kit so they do not have to look out for them elsewhere. A plus point of this kit is that the coding requirements are not as complex as the other Arduino kits which makes it easier for kids to learn from it along with the components being provided that is not at all hard to assemble around with some supervision from the adults.

5.  SainSmart New Basic Starter Kit for Arduino

A biggest advantage of this kit over the others is that this kit is least expensive than the rest. It has a lot of basic electronic components that can be used by the beginners such as manual with instructions to prepare projects and a storage case for these projects. The kit is kid-friendly.

Apart from those mentioned above ,there is another Arduino Kit that have been recently unveiled by LSE :ECM who are the global distributor of Arduino kits to various universities and research facilities all around the world about Arduino CTC 101 Educational Kit .his has been specifically designed to  allow students have  a deeper insight into the world of electronics ,mechatronics and programming. This is a box that comprises of electronic sets that can be used by 25 people at a time including the instructor to teach and learn about the fundamentals of Arduino Programming. This also has recorded lecturers, support materials & A forums that do further help to teach and learn about the same.

With MakeBlock Ultimate Robot Kit , the users can make complete robots that can be easily assembled and controlled via Bluetooth and also smartphone or tablets. However a disadvantage of this package is that because it is being used to make complete-workable robots it is more  expensive than the other kits.

Arduino Education Kit- Final Stance

Arduino programming is a key to a future of this technologically advancing world of ours. Therefore it is important to teach the basics of this program to children as early as possible. This will inspire them to pave their ways to achieving higher education in the electronics ,electrical fields later in their life.

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