Best Serial Monitor Software for Debugging

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Best Serial Monitor Software

During working on different projects you came across the problem that how to display your results immediately. LCD is the answer but the problem is LCD needs lots of connections and at the same time it has very limited space to display.

So the best way to debug your project is to use serial communication to the computer.

In this article, a best way to communicate your devices to the computer is written. There are many serial monitor softwares are present on the internet which are serving the purpose. But the question here is which software is the best serial monitor software to display the results?

Some commonly used serial monitor softwares are as follow:

Hyper Terminal:

Hyper Terminal Serial Communicaiton Software
Figure 1: Hyper Terminal Serial Communication Software

       This software is obsolete now. During the days of windows XP this software could be used but nowadays this software is difficult to find. Therefore I will not recommend you to use this software.

Hercules terminal:

Hercules Terminal Serial Communication Software interface
Figure 2: Hercules Terminal Serial Communication Software

This software gives many options but this is not user friendly software. To display your results through serial communication, you will want really simple and user friendly software. I will not recommend the software to use with your serial devices.


Putty Serial Communication Software Interface
Figure 4: Putty Serial Communication Software

This software is really easy and user friendly software. For serial communication this software is good option but there is no option to copy paste your serial commands. During writing commands you cannot edit your commands.

Arduino serial software:

Arduino software can also be used for serial communication. It is best and simplest software for serial communication. It gives flexibility to copy paste your serial commands and very easy to handle. I will recommend this software to use with your devices. Moreover this software is open source software and you can use it as the way you want. Download Arduino software from the Arduino website. After installing the Arduino software open it. When software will open click the “tools” and then go to COM. Click on the ‘port’ and then click on your required COM Port. As shown in figure:

COM PORT in Arduino Serial Communication Software
Figure: COM PORT in Arduino Serial Communication Software

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