Common Arduino Myths

5 Myths Everyone Believes about Arduino (that aren’t true).

Arduino is an open source platform used for building electronic projects and design single-board microcontrollers.

The Arduino boards can read inputs from various devices such as light on a sensor, finger on the button, Twitter message and after that convert into output such as activating a motor, turn on LED, and publish text online.

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Users can adapt the boards according to their needs and update with own versions.   This platform provides an effective way to build and program electronic components. The Arduino programming language simplifies from C or C++ programming language.  Arduino platform using the programming structures which is base on variables and functions.

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There are 5 top common arduino Myths everyone believes.

There are various trends and myths from newcomers and expert users.    On the internet, there are numerous myths about the Arduino platform, and everyone believes in these myths.   With a large number of people are a massive fan of Arduino platform and using the Arduino programming language.  Some newcomers of the Arduino platform give the big myths which surround the platform. There are top 5 common arduino myths everyone believes about Arduino platform such as:

Arduino uses its Language:

This myth is not helping according to own homepage of Arduino.  Some users are informing the Arduino microcontroller is programmed by Arduino Programming Language.  But, some portion of Arduino programming is unique, and some part is similar to C or C++ Programming language. The type of function and variable used in Arduino programming. The Arduino language is not too difficult for someone else who expert in C++ programming language.

Pin 13 registers:

Many new users of Arduino, gives a lot of tutorials for the platform and wrongly suggest the there is resister attached to Pin13 on the circuit board.  Whenever it is right about the first ever Arduino board produced, then there is something 200, LED and series resister on Pin13.   But, it has not been present on any board delivered. So, it would help if you never connected a LED with Pin 13 without a resister.

The commercial product doesn’t use Arduino:

Mostly, commercial products don’t use the Arduino.  There are various commercial products come to the market without using Arduino parts inside.  If the users want to develop an idea, then they want to create a prototype at some stage of development and using the Arduino platform to do this prototyping.  Arduino is a cheap and straightforward way to do prototyping of products before investment to develop the product and bring it to market.

analogWrite () is Analog:

A lot of people cannot understand the Pulse Width Modulation.   Except for Due, Arduino boards do not give the output “analog” signals.   The PWM signals are the digital signal; you change the length of time between the “on” and “off” states.  The digital signals work in two countries such as 0 or 1.

Header spacing was a mistake:

The design of pinout of Arduino board is such that space between pin 7 and pin 8. Space was previously put down as a mistake on the Arduino website and now suggested by the company this slight is change and ensure that user’s don’t install shield backyards.

These myths are painful and irritating for new users of Arduino platform.   The Arduino structure is ready to easy use and comes in complete packages such as a microcontroller, serial communication, LED, and header of connections.  With the whole package of Arduino, you don’t think about the programmer’s relationship for programming or any other interface.   You need to start working. Many engineers, professionals are doing their projects through the Arduino.   On the Arduino website, explains every function of Arduino.   Another feature Arduino platform is its automatic unit conversion capability.   You don’t need to worry about unit’s conversions and other side problems.   On the internet, there are various online forums about the Arduino platform and using the various engineers and professional for design their projects.

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