What is the meaning of Home Automation

Meaning of Home Automation

The word Home Automation has two parts i.e. Home and Automation. Home where one lives and automation originates from the word automatic i.e. to make things automatic.

As an engineer we come across two types of automation:

  1. Home Automation
  2. Industrial Automation

First we will take a fast look on industrial automation and then we will move towards our original topic.

Industrial Automation is done by different ways like PLC's, SCADA, DCS etc. We can't automate industries through simple Micro-controllers. As Micro-controllers are very delicate and complex devices to use as compared to above devices. We use Micro-controllers on small electronic circuitry. In short we can conclude this talk with the sentence that PLC's are like big brother to Micro-controllers which are much easier to use as bigĀ children are easy to handle as compared to small one.

Now, come back to the topic as far as home automation , we have to control only home appliances. So, this can be done through Micro-controllers. We can automate home by interfacing of Micro-controller with different devices like blue-tooth module, GSM module, Ethernet, WiFi, Radio Frequency (RF) module, remote control. We will study these devices and interfacing with Micro-controllers lately.

To do project on home automation through Atmel Micro-controllers first you should have a sufficient knowledge of serial communication. To get the whole home automation project check out my article 'Home Automation Using GSM'.


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