How to Reduce Home Electricity Bill during Lockdown

In this writing, we’ll cover a few ways you can Reduce Home Electricity Bill and cut electricity costs to preserve your budget. These practices will also work after lockdown status has been lifted, and continue to save you money.

Reducing The Impact Of Lockdown On Your Home Electricity Budget

When there is a lockdown situation requiring people to stay home and avoid working, whatever resources you have should be made to last. Our ancestors were used to living independently of the grid—but they weren’t in a modern, digitally connected world. Even so, owing to technology, you may have more options than you realize.

Use Secondary Means Of Energy to Reduce Home Electricity Bill

Gravity lamps use a weight much like a cuckoo clock to generate resistance which produces electricity. These lamps give you free energy. Now, they’re a bit pricey; but you might invest in one. Amazon is still delivering, and you can find some great deals on these gravity lamps there. Additionally, you can buy a “water light” at Walmart that runs off the water.
Solar panels can be ordered on Walmart’s website and picked up there. These can be used to acquire free electricity from the sun and Reduce Home Electricity Bill. You can either plug directly into such solar panels or run them into a battery that stores the energy for nighttime use.

Fires can also help you keep warm and avoid traditional electricity. If you’ve got a fire pit in the backyard, get used to using that for cooking. You might also switch to foods that don’t require a lot of preparation; this can be quite cost-effective. Canned foods and meals which can be eaten without using the stove or microwave may be a wise choice right now.

Get The Least Expensive Security Options

You may be paying more for your energy bill than you have to. Generally, the price is 4.1 cents to 12+ cents per kWh, or kilo-Watt hour. Depending on how the energy is produced, the cost of using it will be higher. Look at your energy provider right now and determine whether or not they’re charging too much. You can view EnergyBot to see what providers are available.

How to Read Electricity Utility (kWh) Meters

Change Your Habits to Reduce Home Electricity Bill

A lot of your energy usage will have to do with your habits. Do you shower every day? Do you stay up late at night on the internet? Do you play a lot of video games? Well, some things do require technology. Solar panels can cover most of your computer needs; you just keep the device plugged in all day, then pull it off when things are dark and coast off the battery.

Big gaming systems that use a lot of electricity will still have a high electricity footprint, though, so you might dial things back in such areas. There are LED lights that run off rechargeable batteries that can be plugged into solar panels. Also, gravity and water lights are available; either of which can be used instead of traditional electricity for reading or meal prep.

In terms of heat, a fireplace can be a great way of keeping your house warm. If you’ve got a propane stove, that can also be used for such a purpose; though be careful. Keep things drafty for safety until you’re not using it. Then, shut all windows at night if your area is cold, and open blinds to let the sun in. If it’s hot, open windows at night and close them in the day to trap the cold in.

Stay Civilized And Maintain Your Budget In The Age Of Lockdown

Change your habits, cut electricity costs through more cost-effective providers, and use secondary means of energy. Such techniques can be used regardless of lockdown, and during a situation like the one the world is in presently, these can be fundamental in helping you either cut your budget in half. You might even be able to eliminate almost all your electricity costs.

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