Most people think that a multimeter doesn’t need to adjust as a result suffers from an inaccurate result. A multimeter calibration is needed or adjusted for understanding the right result.

However, it may sound hard but by learning the calibrating system you can easily understand the procedure or method. Also, try to follow the safety rule as it can harm your body part while doing this procedure. You can try these calibrating processes on highly affordable multimeter for better knowledge. However, let’s get started by learning the initial basics.


A calibration system is designed to measure and balance the total quantity of the voltage error to control the system.  

Sometimes you may face on cable issue or the format changes or circuit float or antenna problem etc. which may give you a headache. You can fix these types of problems by putting known input and analysis the resulting capacity, and this is how you can fix an old model.
A calibrating system helps to set the right result for better measuring with a multimeter.


However, for fixing you may also need these items to fix the problem accurately. If you have any older version of these products which is not too weak in usability then you can also fix it by putting input. However, you may need these tools to fix the problem:

  • Any types of multimeter
  • An electronic calibrator


For fixing the result or the circuit issue or antenna issue you may eventually need the calibrating system to correct the problem on your multimeter.

However, it is not that easy and even not that hard. You just need to follow the process rightly and it will help you to get the accurate result.

In every calibrating system, there are three types of key phases which needed to be recognized. The three-phase keys are:

  • Alteration phase
  • Capacity phase
  • Information storing phase

If you want to fix this problem for a long time you may need to care the product by calibrating once in a week for developing the workability.

If you are thinking of timing then it depends on your free time or the environment of your living. However, let’s get started with the procedure on calibrating the multimeter:


The first step is to release the min/max button which is on the down. While rotating tuning in a VAC position, try to hold the min/max button.

After that, you’ll see a word like CAL on the screen then you have to let go of the min/max button. This is the first step on working in calibration method.


The next step is to press the auto/hold button for adjusting it. Then you’ll see a line of question marks which will display on the screen.

It means you have to put the code into the question mark screen. After putting the code you have to complete the setup by pressing the auto/hold button again.


The most necessary step is to connect the input to the output in a calibrator. After doing the upper steps, you’ll see code like C-01 which will display on the screen.

When you see the output, you have to connect the result from the multimeter to inputs on your electric calibrator. To understand this step accurately, I suggest you follow the manual guide or check the multimeter guide to verify any error.  

However, after getting the output you have to press the dial on the calibrator for placing related to C-01. After pressing you can complete the task by pressing the auto/hold button again.

When you are done by C-01 you’ll see another word on the display which will show you C-02. Again, you have to find the right place according to the guide to press the dial into the calibrator properly.

You can complete the task by pressing the hold /auto button. Another thing is you have to do the same process until you have completed the procedure equipped to C-31.

PRESS END AND COMPLETE THE PROCESS of multimeter calibration:

The last step is to end the whole setting by completing the whole process. When you are done with the process, the END word will show up to the display on your multimeter screen.

After that, you have to complete the calibration process by pressing the hold/auto button lastly. If doing these steps don’t help you or don’t show you any result then make sure to check the professional mechanic to understand the inner problem.

PRO TIPS: You may need to wear some safety gadget for reducing any electricity issue as you have to work on electric current and it will risk your life by putting you in danger.

Also, please follow the calibration manual before going in practical work and try to follow the safety terms to avoiding injuries. If it’s necessary, get some help from a professional mechanic.


At last, it may seem hard but in reality, it is way too easy to apply. The working of the calibration system for multimeter calibration is really fun if you do it in a fresh mind.

Also, it will give you a habit of doing stuff like active works. I was bad on these types of stuff, my father taught me these steps easily and I tried this like hundred times to calibrate properly.

However, if you still have any question or any issue to understand the process the try to watch some YouTube video which will give you the real idea to do it on your own by watching the whole process. Also, never forget to wear the safety gadget to avoiding the injuries. I would like to suggest you get a highly affordable multimeter to do these steps while reading this article. I hope these steps help you in learning the multimeter calibration system. Good luck!

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