Non Rechargeable Batteries

Non Rechargeable Batteries

If you recently working on batteries you will surely thinking that these non rechargeable batteries must be some old technology thingy and they should now through off. But remember you don’t want to recharge the cell of your wall clock weekly.

Wait !! what did I say? Weekly? Yes, it’s only due to the non rechargeable batteries/ cells that you don’t have to change the cell of your wall clock daily/weekly and even you don’t have to change the cell of your computer in “years”.

Your computer needs a small cell to maintain some information like passwords and time/date even when power is off. If you open your computer you will see a small silver colored cell inside. I don’t think you ever change that cell.

I think above two examples changed your minds about non rechargeable cells a bit. Let’s go forward.

Basically self discharging of rechargeable batteries is the biggest reason of using non rechargeable batteries. For example if you are on some hiking tour and you know that you will not get any place to charge the batteries.

In that case non rechargeable batteries are your best option to energize your gadgets.

Also we cannot ignore the “cost”. You know the cost difference of chargeable cell and non rechargeable cell better than others.

Types of some non rechargeable batteries:

  • Zinc carbon batteries
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Lithium batteries

There are many types of non rechargeable batteries as well but I will discuss here only important ones.

These types of batteries are in use much more than the other batteries.

Zinc Carbon Batteries:

These are the very old type of batteries which you are using since your childhood like in toys, wall clocks, remotes etc. These are the cheapest batteries/cells available in the market. These cells are best where very low amount of current required. The best example is your TV remote. But after use you should dispose of these cells carefully.

Carbon Zinc Cell
Figure 1: Carbon-Zinc Cell

Alkaline and Lithium batteries:

    These batteries have common properties this is the reason that I am telling their specifications in one place. These batteries/cells are the longest lasting cells available in the market. Alkaline batteries can last 10-12 years while lithium can last 20 years.  Alkaline batteries are in more bulky size than lithium batteries.

That’s why they are best for toys and torch lights. Lithium batteries are much more expensive than alkaline but at the same time they posses’ very small size. In your car’s remote key they use lithium cells, with the average use they can easily last for 3-4 years.

Alkaline Batteries
Figure 2: Alkaline Cell

Summary: Use Zinc carbon cell where cost matters and life matters a bit less. Use alkaline cells where life matters but cost matters less and use lithium cells where life matters but cost does not matter.

Lithium Cells
Figure 3: Lithium cell

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