Objectives of Energy Meters

Objectives of Energy Meters

With the advancement of technology, objectives of energy meters are not merely to measure energy units. Objectives went far behind from just giving energy readings of some specific consumer. Also, these objectives are not constant, they are increasing day by day with the increase in advancement in energy sector. Let’s discuss some of the objectives of energy meters.


Measurement of Energy units

Obviously, if someone is not doing his basic duty then there is no use of him. No matter what kind of things an Energy Meter can do but if it is not measuring energy units, there is no use of it.

1 Phase Digital Energy Meter
Figure 1: 1 Phase Digital Energy Meter

Measurement of other important electric components

With the addition of Energy Units, an Energy Meter now should be able to measure Voltage, Current, Power Factor, MDI (Maximum Demand Indicator) for various reasons.

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Voltage and currents are normally used for testing purposes. Power factor measurement serves important role in industrial areas due to loads like induction motors which severely affect the power factor of the system. Reduction of power factor overload the electric system due to increase in line currents. After measuring the power factor, utility companies impose penalties on such consumers as per their policy.

Tariff Distribution

A concept of peak hours and off-peak hours comes during discussion of electricity tariff. Peak hours are normally called as T1 and off-peak hours are called as T2. Peak hours normally start from 6pm and End at 10pm. Well it varies from country to country, let’s just stick with the topic. Due to overloaded systems during peak hours, utility companies charge more in peak hours. Therefore, it must present in the objectives of Energy Meters to carefully distinguish the peak and off peak times and accumulate Energy Units in their respective registers.

Indications of tempering or electricity theft

Yes. it should also present in the objectives of Energy Meters that they should indicate whenever someone tries to hurt them. If somebody is trying to open the Energy Meter or trying to temper it then it should record the events and indicate it whenever needed.

Communication Medium

Remaining objectives are not possible to acquire without having some communication medium. A communication medium should be present between energy meters and utility companies to remove the distance and to increase the work speed. Some of the examples of communication mediums are Radio frequency, ZigBee, GSM/GPRS, PLC. Every communication medium have its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Later objectives will show the importance of communication medium.

Load Control

In old days, to cut off the load of defaulter consumer, line staff should go to the site and cut off their supply. But it is not the case now due to inclusion of relay inside the meter. With the combination of some communication medium and a relay, utility company can easily disconnect load of any consumer by just clicking a button on Meter Data Management software.

Load Management as per sanction load

Another important purpose of energy meters is to restrict the consumers as per their sanction loads. If somebody can use 10 kW in their premises, then then they should not use above 10 kW. Because it overloads the Transformer from which electricity is coming. If this load management option is enabled in some Energy Meter, then if load goes above 10 kW, Energy Meter will send a warning by automatically disconnecting the load for 1 minute. After one minute, if consumer does not reduce the load, energy meter will automatically disconnect its load permanently.

Energy Audit

By reading above objectives you will see that all these objectives are not possible to get without a Smart Energy Meter.

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By using a smart energy meter, short term load forecasting and long term load forecasting become easy. When you have a server where complete details of all consumers are coming. Even their Electric Usage behavior, their peak times, their no load times of every instant are coming live.  Energy auditing become possible without doing any special kinds of efforts.

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