Here are list of some student transformer based projects from our experienced professionals to guide and mentor you to build your own. Read, try, learn from the experiences and share with others.

Instruments and Measurements

Some instruments and measurement projects that use transformers as basic components:
AC Current Measurement Using ATmega8 Power factor measurement using ATmega8 /16 3 Phase Voltage Measurement using Atmel AVR Microcontrollers 3 Phase Smart Energy Meter using Arduino

Designing Transformer

Some related to transformer construction:
Transformer Core Optimization using Genetic Algorithm Hardware Implementation of Transformer Step by Step

Transformers in Power Supplies

Some power supply transformer based projects that use transformers as main components for step down/up AC voltage:
Design and construction of power inverter How to make Automatic Charger for a 7Ah Battery How to make a 5 Volt supply

Microcontroller based Projects

Appliances Control using GSM through Atmel Microcontrollers LDR based Automatic Street Light Automatic Load Management System Speed Control of Fan using GSM

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