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Have you done a bunch of innovative projects? and want to share those ideas with the world but haven’t find a suitable platform for this purpose than your search is over now. Because we are going to give you an opportunity to share your Electrical Engineering Experiences with the world. Of course, You will “Earn a Handsome Money” as well.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Your article should be innovative and have some unique idea in it.
  2. Article can be about the description of some project, giving your unique experience, explanation of working of some electrical product or anything that can be useful for other Electrical Engineers.
  3. Articles should contain relative photos which help in understanding your idea.
  4. No plagiarism is allowed. Article should be in your own words.
  5. Grammatically article should contain no errors.
  6. Amount of money will depend on the uniqueness and quality of your article.
  7. Decision of “Engineer Experiences” will be full and final.

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